Donald Trump is a criminal, a hypocrite, a liar. He mocks science, he's destroying our environment continuously. He is engaged in destroying the American democracy and is about to turn the USA into an autocracy. Due to the fact that Donald Trump and his supporters do not believe in the human- made climate change, they should be taken to an American court as they threaten human and animal life on earth with their politics. The best would be that Trump clears the way for somebody else to be president: Joe Biden, a man with dignity and honour. The roots of Trumps presidency go back to frauds on Facebook. The fact that Trump rejects the Republican Ronald Reagan's nuclear treatment shows us that Trump loves to risk the possibility of an atomic war. Trump is a narcistic and selfcentred person with no character, acting unethically. Therefore: No Trump 2020! Anti Trump Pop art Screensaver (free) The animated screensaver is made by myself (programmed via Delphi). Install the Scr- file with your right mouse button. When you exchange the picture file (and you call the new file also "Screensaver.bmp"), you can generate your individual pop art- screensaver. You find the original download only on Links: The Democratic party The Brasilian chief of state Bolsonaro is Satan. With his politics, He is actually destroying the last remainings of the Brasilian rain forest, which is vital to the world climate. By letting ruthless farmers lay the burnings, he does not even help his economy. Destroying the forests would destroy the micro climate of the region and therefore it means the end of agriculture in that area. Links: Your voice against the MERCOSUR treaty ( Petition against Bolsonaro ( Spenden zum Schutz des Amazonas (WWF Deutschland) WWF USA forest campaigns (WWF USA) Spenden zum Schutz der heimischen Wälder / Donations for the preservation of German forests (NABU – Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.) © Simcity graphics about the Energy revolution (German) OLDER CONTENTS/ Orient Union (German)
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